Sometimes my Mash'Ems smell after opening. What is this smell?

A: Sometimes, you may notice a smell coming from your Mash'Em after opening up the single packs. This smell is only noticeable for a few minutes after opening, and is only present in our single pack Mash'Ems. We have reviewed all of our 3rd party lab testing reports on the paint ingredients. We have also consulted our toxicologist on how to best assure you that the odour is non-toxic to humans.


The smell comes from the paint solvent “Xylene”. Xylene is a widely used solvent in ink, paints, resins and lacquers. The amount of xylene in our Mash’ems is not a safety hazard. The Odor Threshold for xylene is 1ppm (4.4mg/m3), and this is a 100 times less than the amount permitted for an 8 hour exposure limit. Since the xylene traces rapidly evaporate, human exposure is extremely minimal and is of no toxicological importance. The exposure levels are considered to be much less than permitted levels in food and water as permitted by EPA and FDA. It is considered there are no safety/ toxicological concerns with the residual odour of xylene on the toys.


What are Splat and Mash'Em Items made of?


A: Our product is made out of a material called TPR, which stands for Thermo Plastic Rubber. This is a non-toxic material which will not cause any damage or irritation to your child’s skin. Even if your children are allergic to latex or rubber materials, he/she can still play with TPR as it does not actually classify as a rubber allergen.


What do I need to know if my Splat product or Mash'Em breaks?

A: The liquid used in both Mashems and Splat products is certified non-toxic.

Both products have been tested and meet all regulatory and safety requirements of each market where they are made available. If your Mashems or Splat product breaks or is leaking please dispose of it.

In case of contact with eyes or mouth, flush immediately with clean water. If there is any sign of irritation please consult with a physician. For any additional information or queries please contact us at


Do I really need to wear the Safety Leash when riding my Snow MX?

A: Yes! You should wear it! The leash is not a bad thing and you should wear it at all times around your ankle. If you wipeout or fall off your Snow MX while riding, the leash will prevent your Snow MX from becoming a runaway board and hitting someone else. At ski resorts they are very strict about this, and you must wear the leash at all times. It’s best to just make it a habit, like putting on a seatbelt.