We develop children’s entertainment products that inspire joy and spark imagination, while creating positive impact on our customers, our team and our community.


Delivering Wow and Creating Smiles.

Company Values

We Love Delivering WOW

At Tech 4 Kids, Delivering Wow isn't just a slogan - it’s the heart and soul of how we want to be known. Our goal is to live life above the line, where the line represents others’ expectations of us.  We strive to surpass those expectations. We ARE the crazy ones, the rebels, the ones who believe in being the change we want to see in the world! We give first and in by doing so, we are rewarded in seeing others smile. Our philosophy is simple -  we have been given gifts and it is our responsibility to make those gifts into something spectacular that will leave a positive impact on the world.


Act with INTEGRITY and do what is right!

Our passion for creating great product is only rivaled by our commitment to Honouring the Truth in all that we do for each other and to those we serve. We commit to integrity without compromise; all of the time - every time. We are at our best when we strive to create exceptional play experiences while living with absolute authenticity of doing what is right.  Our utmost concern is for what’s right rather than who’s right. It includes listening to clients, vendors, and each other – all part of the formula for success. In today’s fast paced ultra-competitive world, we cannot afford to second-guess ourselves. Success is not about growth at any cost; it is about advancing our business; growing and living out our potential and in so doing, being fully committed to always doing the right thing !


PLAY, have Fun & Laugh together!

We are a high performing team; and a key to our team’s success, is our playfulness.  We love that our business is about having fun and creating smiles. Playfulness becomes contagious, and it gets infused into everything we create.  Through play and laughter, our team develops a deep level of trust and respect. The foundation upon which we engage in productive conflict to make the best decisions in guiding the actions of the company. Each team member has an important part to play in achieving the company’s overarching goals. Everyone is duly acknowledged and rewarded for their contributions, and staff go out of their way to ensure this happens. At the end of the day, we realize that the ’Star’ of the Team, is the ’Team ’, and that ’WE’ supersedes ’ME’ while recognizing that ‘None’ of us are as smart as ‘All’ of us. Our greatest aspirations can only be accomplished with the collective efforts of our team, building trust with each other through the power of play


INSPIRE Passion, Creativity & Innovation

We are a team of incredibly creative individuals who are passionate about being our best and using our God given talents to their fullest potential.  The mantra that 'Together Everyone Achieves More’ INSPIRES every individual in the company to participate in the creative process that creates break out innovation. We choose to cultivate an environment where we expect to spark the imagination of every member of our team and in so doing reveal the genius within each of us.  We strive to infuse innovation into everything we do; settling for nothing less than giving it our absolute best in all that we do.


Be Disciplined and Create IMPACT!

IMPACT is the art of mastering disciplined effectiveness to achieve real results. As individuals, and as a cohesive team, we continually strive to achieve the highest form of disciplined effectiveness in everything we do and with everyone we serve. Together we align our actions accordingly to our vision and endeavour to execute with excellence. Our disciplined approach ensures that we are actively following through on our strategy, measuring our progress, sharing results and celebrating wins as a TEAM. It enables us to consistently add real value to our employees, customers, and vendors - knowing that we have made a meaningful IMPACT.


Dream big; live life fully and be PROSPEROUS!

True prosperity is the by-product of our strong commitment and fanatical belief in living out our core values. Success is not something we pursue; it is something we attract by who we become. We believe in the law of reciprocity where the more we give of ourselves first, the more we attract the prosperity we desire. We understand the importance of pursuing big dreams, being entrepreneurial and taking calculated risks as the only way to create prosperity. We choose to be brave and pursue big ideas and to do so with passion. We balance the endeavours we pursue by making smart collective decisions protecting the financial health of the firm. We recognize that profits are the lifeblood of the company, but they are a by-product of the value we create. We will make a living by the value we build; and, we will leave a legacy by what we give.