Work and play, every day!
Enjoy what you do, do it together.
We are always looking for awesome individuals to join our team. If you’re passionate about the toy industry and don’t mind cutting loose for some office hijinks now and then, please get in touch!
Work environment
Step into our office and you’ll know right away we’re all about fun.
Toys everywhere, and that’s the way we like it. Company culture plays a big role in who we are at Tech 4 Kids. Team building events bring out the best in us with an annual Bakeoff, Secret Santa, Snow Day, Family Picnic and our monthly book club there’s something for everyone. You won’t find any closed doors at Tech 4 Kids, staff from entry to executive play on an even field and are easily approachable.
High performance team first, then a family
At Tech 4 Kids we try to foster a strong team dynamic. Each team member plays an important role in accomplishing a project. We reward top achieves monthly with in-house honours. Each we challenge ourselves to live by our core values, praising times when we hit it out of the park and helping others to share the same vision.