Friendship is magic.

Valentine’s Day is a day to show your closest friends how much you appreciate them. We all have a support system of friends and family that are there when we need them and each of them are important in their own way!

Your circle of friends and family may include those who are smart, loyal, super generous or positive. For this Valentine’s Day, why not give the people you love a true token of what they represent to you?

The My Little Pony series of characters are extremely popular due to their relatability with core personal attributes. Ponies like Twilight Sparkle represent smarts while Rainbow Dash is all about being loyal and active. My Little Pony Squishy Pops make for amazing gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Why not give a Squishy Pop Pony that represents generosity to a friend who is super generous? Perhaps gift a Rainbow Dash to your most loyal bestie! Gifts that are relatable are the ones that are most memorable.

For this Valentine’s Day, make your gifts as memorable as the people you love!