Super heroes are no longer only for boys. Gender neutrality is a hot topic in many circles especially within pop culture. The doors to the traditional female role of being a damsel in distress have been blown off in recent years with the rise of female heroines in leading roles. Whether in comic books, films, or TV shows, female superheroes are increasingly being presented with great strength and personality.

Female characters like Wonder Woman, Gamora and Black Widow all exhibit the strong superhero qualities that we have come accustomed to. The prospect of having little girls growing up idolizing strong female characters like them is extremely important for their self-esteem.

These female superheroes will undoubtedly have a positive influence for any girl. With that said, toys will also continue to play a heavy role in helping solidify the presence of these heroines in your child’s life. Toys are a child’s best companion as they grow and play. They are physical connections between a child and their favorite heroes and stories. An example of this is with collectibles like our DC Super Hero Girls Fash’Ems. This gives young girls the opportunity to interact with their role models while playing out their own adventures, reinforcing positive messages from the show and exploring the world using their imaginations.

Teaching boys and girls how to respect each other is key to having them understand how to be a part of an inclusive and diverse environment for today and the future. At Tech 4 Kids, we are proud to produce collectible companions that help promote all of this while putting smiles on a child’s face simultaneously.