A recent movement in the traditional toy market has been in the development and growth of STEM toys, that is science, technology, engineering and math toys. This newer section of toys is currently being favored by an increasing number of parents who want to ensure the development of their child in these specific areas and that their child will be competitive academically. With new products being developed, child development toys have become a focal point for retailers & manufacturers.

The STEM initiative’s main goal and purpose is to help promote child learning in the science, technology, engineering and math departments through fun activities. While children learn about STEM areas during their school day, it’s become crucial that they also continue their curiosity and exposure to these areas while they are at home. Enter the need and desire for STEM toys, which do more than keep children busy and engaged, they foster early education development in children and enforce the necessary science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills children will need in the future.


A child’s brain undergoes an amazing period of development in the early years of their life. This continuous brain development is influenced by many factors, including a child’s relationships, experiences and environment, which is why more and more parents are capitalizing on this crucial stage in their child’s life and introducing them to educational toys on the regular. Manufacturers and retailers are looking to benefit from the growth of development-focused parents and their demand for educational STEM related toys. Many retailers have created specific new areas of their websites and retail stores devoted to STEM products.


Among several different STEM toys and products, 3D printing pens and building kits are of focus and importance as they aid in the development of geometry and spatial reasoning. Another important aim in the STEM movement is the focus on the development of such products for girls. When looking at the patterns in customer purchasing of STEM toys, it was discovered that these toys are purchased for boys at double the rate that they are purchased for girls[1]. And while girls and boys may be attracted to different types of toys, STEM toys are designed for both. Products such as Gemmies™, an innovative new activity toy that allows kids to make their own 3D sparkling collectible creations, jewelry and accessories, also allows children to develop their spatial reasoning and dexterity and as they master creations.


With the increasing number of careers and opportunities being made available in the science, technology, engineering and math sectors, it is important and beneficial for parents to peak their child’s interest in such fields from an early age.  As children go through various developmental stages, the introduction to STEM toys during these stages will play an important role in their future and overall growth and development.


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