We’ve all heard the stories of monsters in every child’s bedroom. While most will eventually outgrow their fears, not every child can shake off the Mike Wazowskis or Randall Boggs that live in their bedrooms. A licensed night light is a fun way to help calm their fears as children often associate characters from their favorite movies and cartoons as friends that they can trust.

Our great line of licensed Soft Lites are button activated soft-formed glowing, bedtime pals that keep kids feeling safe and comfortable through the night. Whether heading to a sleepover, on a summer camping trip or other overnight adventures, our Soft Lites allow kids to have their favorite characters by their side for those dark nights. With an automatic shut-off mode after 10 minutes Soft Lites are plug-free, portable and most importantly safe.

If your little one needs a little more encouragement to fall asleep, our line of StarLite Pals glowing musical night lights project a starry night show on the ceiling that pulsates to help guide children into sleep.

Parents can now sleep soundly knowing that their little ones are drifting off into a cozy sleep with their favorite characters by their side.