Are you feeling the heat? Everyone’s favorite season for going to the beach, road trips and camping is back and not a moment too soon. Summer is all about getting outdoors with our kids and enjoying the warm weather without being connected to our electronic devices. We all have our favorite getaway spots. Whether that is at the cottage, visiting another state, or just the usual camping grounds, the drive to these spots can be hard for parents looking to keep their kids entertained.

The value of traditional toys that are affordable and attention grabbing become ever more prevalent during these long summer road trips. Popular licensed collectibles like the super squishy Mash’Ems and Fash’Ems provide your child their favorite characters as companions during the trip. For those camping trips, licensed Micro Lites, Soft Lites and Star Lite Pals make for great portable night lights that kids can turn on and off with ease. What’s better than having Peppa Pig and the Minions lighting up your child’s evening while they enjoy some roasted marshmallows around the camp fire?

Summertime fun outdoors with friends and family create everlasting memories that should be cherished. Summertime toys that create smiles and deliver wow makes those memories that much sweeter.