Does your little one have a birthday coming up? With the recent release of the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice movie, Superhero fever is running high! Throw your child an epic birthday party with the help of Tech4Kids! From a Mash’Ems treasure hunt to Batman themed decorations, we have the four best ideas to make your little Superhero soar on their special day!

  1. Scavenger Hunt
  2. Decorations
  3. Snacks
  4. Loot Bags

1) Superhero Mash’Ems Scavenger Hunt

Set up a series of clues around the house for the kids to uncover. Make each clue more challenging than the last, with the final clue leading to the Batman Mash’Ems!

Here are a few to start!

Clue #1: “You’ll find clue number two under the place where you find your shoe!” (Hide it under your shoe rack)

Clue #2: “It’s fluffy like a cloud, and under the place where you are never loud.” (Hide the clue under your child’s pillow. They’ll have fun trying to figure out which family member’s pillow the clue is hidden under!)

Clue #3: “This clue will not be easy to uncover. Sometimes dark, sometimes bright, and can sometimes hover!” (Hide the clue in a lamp shade).

Clue #4: For this clue, open up a Mash’Ems blind pack ahead of time and remove the Mash’Em. Replace it with a clue! “Hahaha, the Joker tricked you! To find the next clue, you must look in the spot where the Joker applies his mask!” (Hide the clue near your makeup or vanity stand).

Mash'Ems Batman Joker Penguin

Batman, Penguin and the Joker make the perfect treasure hunt toys!

Blind Capsules

2) Decorations

Get creative with Batman themed party decorations like this Batman symbol garland! Learn how to make it here!

bat symbol wall

Create this awesome Superhero themed table and tell your little one it’s a replica of Gotham city!

Batman Table

3) Snacks

Every Superhero needs fuel! Try out some of these hero approved treats and snacks.

Learn how to make this delicious Batman themed cake here!

Batman themed cake

All you need for this simple snack is green Jello! Dare those brave enough to try Superman’s ultimate weakness, Kryptonite!


4) Loot Bags

Save the day with Justice League themed loot bags! Loot bags are the perfect way to end the festivities and help keep the party magic alive! Include things like candy, mini pencils, and our Batman and Justice League Mash’Ems!

Justice League

Learn how to make these awesome loot bags here!

Loot bags

What are you waiting for? There are kids that need saving from evil boredom!

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