For any parent out there, the arrival of warmer weather is synonymous with more outdoor parties, sleepovers and birthday parties for your children. Aside from all the games, food and music that kids enjoy at these summertime events, the loot bag is always an important tradition that they look forward to.


Kids love parties that are themed after popular licences. Themed loot bags are an important piece of memorabilia for any child’s summer. A well-thought of loot bag should include affordable and relatable items.


Instead of traditional candy or chocolate, why not consider going cavity-free this summer? Affordable licensed collectibles like our DC Superhero Girls Fash’Ems or Cars Mash’Ems are great items to include for any themed loot bag. Connecting your child’s favorite franchises to loot items such as My Little Pony Squishy Pops, Care Bears Fash’Ems and many other cavity-free toys can help create more fun summertime memories that deliver WOWs and create smiles!