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    TueTuesdayOctOctober7th2014 Thanksgiving Halloween Edition
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    Hey Tech 4 Kids fans,

    Summer has passed and Fall has descended here at Tech 4 Kids. The leaves are changing color and falling from the trees. This month the team is attending the Dallas Toy Show where many of our new products will debut. We have an especially awesome lineup coming your way so sit tight and hang on!

    Tech 4 Kids is pleased to announce that our Fash’ems collectibles have been given the seal of approval in Dr. Toy's Best Children's Products Award Programs for 2014

    Nitro Grinders has been headlining as the hottest new collectible here in Canada since it’s launch in August. The response from fans is incredible. Kids know just what to do with a Nitro Grinders, in seconds they are ripping and tricking and sticking. Have you got your hands on this awesome new toy?

    Action 4 Kids

    Have you met Noah Ritter?

    He’s a 5 year-old who’s live broadcast at a county fair went viral.

    Ellen Degeneres sends him to report on Walking with the Dinosaurs, take a look:


    Wow in the World

    When I say computer what do you think of?

    Probably this:

    You would have to be a little older to remember very early computers that filled a room like this one:

    But what if I told you there was a computer created more than 2000 years ago? A computer so precise that it could predict the stages of the moon, the solar and lunar cycles and the position of the planets...every day…

    and it this:

    It’s hard to believe but such a device exists. Discovered in 1900 by sponge drivers, the Antikythera Mechanism is the oldest analog computer in the world. Great mystery surrounds the Mechanism as to who created it where it was going when the ship that carried it and other treasure of the ancient world sank off the coast of Antikythera. Complex machines like this, with its many gears and dials were not developed until 1000 later! So where did the technology go, why was it lost? It's a terrific mystery.


    Ready for Halloween?

    Have you heard the shortest scary story ever written?

    "The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door."

    If that wasn't chilling to the bone, take a look at some of these 2 sentence terrors, if you dare!

    WedWednesdaySepSeptember3rd2014 The Back to School Blog
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    Hi all Tech 4 Kids fans,

    We can’t believe that summer is over!

    We’ve had lots of fun this summer and we can’t wait to show you what awesome toys we have coming up for this winter!

    Today’s Tech

    When you’re going back to school its probably a good idea to brush up on the latest toy trends to know what hot collectables or zany outdoor toys are coming to you this fall:

    Might I recommend:

    Leap Band by Leapfrog

    Smart watches seem to be the coming trend this Fall and many people may be holding their breaths for the Apple iWatch (if it shows up in October). Leap Frog has been clever enough to jump on this trend with their educational technology.

    Remember Tamagochi? 

    Well the Leap Band is like a healthy 21st century version for the savvy parent.
    Kids can wear their companion on their arm but must develop the creature by moving around, a novel idea to get kids off the couch and outside playing. The Leap Band also features healthy eating choices for their creature and parental controls to limit play time when at school and during quiet time.

    Nitro Grinders

    You're going to see these guys more and more this Fall. They launched with a big bang, we hope you got out to see our street teams this summer and had some fun. Already some fans have been posting their own videos of the incredible Nitro Grinders. At Tech 4 Kids we like to keep our Nitro Grinding skills sharp. Check out our YouTube Page for some of the awesome tricks you can try to master!

    Tomorrows Toys

    Live Scribe 3: I'm sure you've heard of this, a pen that copies all the words you write into its memory so you can access it later, right?
    The Live Scribe 3 is much, much more. While you sit in class and take notes, it automatically copies what you've written over a Bluetooth connection to your nearby tablet or smart phone, in your handwriting, amazing? Let's kick it up a notch, those very same words you jotted down, well they just turned into text you can now email, text or save as a document! Oh wait, there's more, it also records audio so you can listen to the exact words you spoke at the time you wrote a note.
    Brilliant? Yes, that's the word I'd use for it.

    Action 4 Kids

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge sure captured the imagination of many people across the world this summer. Tech 4 Kids was challenged by our friends at Chizcomm Ltd.. Check out this video to see us get soaked!

    Wow in the World

    Apparently Hello Kitty is not a cat…

    Who would have thought?! We sure didn’t know. 

    "Hello Kitty is not a cat.
    You read that right. When Yano was preparing her written texts for the exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, she says she described Hello Kitty as a cat. "I was corrected — very firmly," she says. "That's one correction Sanrio made for my script for the show. Hello Kitty is not a cat. She's a cartoon character. She is a little girl. She is a friend. But she is not a cat. She's never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a two-legged creature. She does have a pet cat of her own, however, and it's called Charmmy Kitty."

    See the full article from the LA Times:
    LA Times Hello Kitty is not a cat

    WedWednesdayJulJuly30th2014 Summer of Fun
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    Hi all Tech 4 Kids fans,

    It's been a busy summer here at T4K. 
    We're cooking up some awesome new toys for the fall that we know you're going to be exited about!

    Recently the team has been giving back to the community.
    A few months ago we partnered with Tim Huff, founder of the StreetLevel organization author of the Compassion Series.
    Members of our team spent a day talking to children about what it means to be homeless along side Tim and his cardboard house he built as a visual aid.

    More recently Tech 4 Kids participated in Project Water.
    Together with other volunteers from major corporations 11, 200 cases of water and 3000 summer survival kits were handed out to the homeless. 

    Nitro Grinders

    A new toy is a special kind of thing, it has to be like nothing that has come before and inspire kids imaginations to want to play with it. Tech 4 Kids is excited to announce it’s partnership with BOT-I to launch a new kind of collectable in Canada this Fall: Nitro Grinders.

    Trying to describe what exactly a Nitro Grinder is no easy task. At its most basic a Nitro Grinder is cylindrical figure that rolls on two small wheels. But believe me Nitro Grinders are SOOO much more. Don’t be fooled by their size!
    Specially weighted, Nitro Grinders are self righting stunt toys, combining: customization, collectability and performance.

    Series 1 launches this Fall 2014. Watch for upcoming Nitro Grinder events by liking the Facebook page, or check out the official Nitro Grinder website.     


    Flappy Bird

    Tech 4 Kids is proud to be the first toy manufacturer to make toys based on the popular app Flappy Bird. Look for our officially licensed toys coming to retailers this fall!

    WedWednesdayAprApril23rd2014 Business's Golden Rule
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    Welcome, the latest entry of renowned toy company Tech 4 Kids. Dig into our remarkable weblog on a sunny Wednesday morning in April.

    How has your week been thus far?

    Today we’re talking about the tiniest remote control helicopter in the world, the time someone let 1.5 million balloons fly over Cleveland and creative packaging that’s sure to turn some heads:

    Today’s Tech

    Does packaging sell a product?

    Maybe you've seen the ads on TV, or maybe you've read a magazine article where the packaging of product is as good or better than the product itself. It’s not uncommon for people to hold onto this kind of innovative packaging long after the product has expired or run out. Is the draw of a unique package worth the investment by companies? I see these kind of things as one time marketing event. For the most part packaging is simply a vehicle to keep the product safe and advertise its advantages. It’s easy enough to add a graphic of a gnome to a bag but some in away some of these packages have become their own product. This could make for an interesting collection…

    Check out the rest of them here.

    Tomorrow’s Toys

    Meet the worlds smallest RC Helicopter: Nano-Falcon

    There is something novel about miniature toys. Something ingenious about packing all the moving parts into a tiny package. Miniature toys with moving parts have along and interesting history. To get to the flying remote controlled helicopter of today I’ll draw your attention to automatons that were popular before the turn of the last century. As early as 1890 Europeans were enjoying the fine craftsmanship of clockwork songbirds. We have come a long way since then, with much computing processes done by microchips and circuity.  

    Check out this video for a video on the history and process of recreating an incredible invention.


    But you really came here to see this bird didn't you?

    Developed by Namco Bandai’s subsidiary CCP toys, the Nano-Falcon is the smallest remote control helicopter in the world. I can see all sorts of application for a tiny flyer like this, where a large ‘copter is cool in it’s own right, I can see this

    Check out the review in Gizmag for more details and pictures.

    Action 4 Kids

    There is something to be said about Imperial Clonetroopers on a farm.

    This isn't a new concept but it’s pretty remarkable.

    Photographer Zahir Batin has an incredible collection of Clone War era Stromtroopers posed in human like situations.
    If you''re a Star Wars fan need I say more? If you're a parent, have you ever thought of trying this yourself?
    Shot in beautiful high resolution these photos should feed your eye candy cravings. More here for your viewing pleasure.

    Wow in the World

    Have you heard of Balloonfest ‘86?

    Neither had I but apparently it was a big deal.

    This weeks Wow in the World this week is a call back to a world record of immense proportions.

    No joke, this actually happened. check out this review for more pictures.

    I’d like to finish this weeks post with a shout out to our readers, fans and followers.

    What would you like to see us talk about here? What questions would you like to hear Tech 4 Kids answer?
    What kind of toys have caught your eye, what’s trending on your radar?

    We want to know so we can give you the best content ever!

    Until next week,


    The golden rule for every businessman is this: “Put yourself in your customer’s place." – Orison Swett Marden

    WedWednesdayAprApril16th2014 A Little Nonsense
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    Howdy, howdy, howdy!

    Welcome to another edition of Blog 4 Kids, where you can learn what’s going on in the world this wonderful Wednesday.

    Today’s Tech

    “Time is not just for watching”

    Usually a watch requires the wearer to be able to read the hands or the LCD display. Checking time is a challenge for those who are visually impaired and until now there hasn't been a tactile timepiece that can be understood by touch alone. EONE has created the Bradley watch to fit this need. The Bradley named after Brad Snyder a US soldier. Snyder was serving in Afghanistan when he was blinded by an IED. Although challenged Snyder never lost sight of his dreams and went on to win a gold medal at the 2012 Paralympics games.
    The visually impaired community can now experience telling time at instances where noise making watch might not be appropriate, such as: in class, during interviews or meetings. The Bradley is a timepiece that lets you can touch time.

    Check out the website for their full story:

    Tomorrow’s Toys

    There seems to be a theme going on here about revisiting old toys. Last week we looked at a Japanese take on dominoes. This week I couldn't help by be transfixed by a giant game of Jenga. Hopefully you are familiar with the block stacking game, “you take a block from the middle and you put it on top.” Well here we see how you take a simple concept and make it larger than life when Caterpillar heavy excavators play a gigantic board game.

    See, adults can have fun too!

    Action 4 Kids

    Were you an adult 2001-2008? Then you probably remember the Walkman. If you're a parent of kids born after the millennium then you'd have a hard time explaining yesterday's technology. I was around when cassettes were still used, I would record my favorite songs on the radio. Nowadays you Shazam a song you here, anywhere. iTunes now manages your iPod but even that is falling out of fashion with people listening to music on their phones.
    Watch as these kids review a relic of the past: The Sony Walkman.


    Wow in the World

    Ever heard of Peter Drakos? He is the best carnival games player in the world.
    You never know where something interesting might pop up. I was at the mechanic the other day waiting for my car and planning this blog post when something on the TV caught my eye. I've won the occasional carnival game in my time but apparently there is someone out there who is a
     master of tossing rings, balls and coins, Mr. Drakos has won around 220,000 stuffed animals since he started in 1972. In fact there was showdown in Las Vegas where about 400 of the world’s best carnival game players challenged each other for the title of "World Champion", a contest Peter Drakos won. I’m saying that this weeks WOW is that all the many stuffed animals Peter Drakos has won go to charities like Toys for Tots or raise funds for the Special Olympics. Giving back and making children smile are our values too!

    Until next week,


    “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.”
    -Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

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